Unlawful exploitation of a minor - Alaska Sexual Assault Laws

Unlawful exploitation of a minor Crime & Punishment in Alaska :

The Alaska code § 11.41.455 defines two degrees of the crime unlawful exploitation of a minor, each with associated punishments. The degree of the crime depends on the specifics of the crime committed, with higher degrees of the charge generally receiving harsher punishments.

Severity Unlawful exploitation of a minor - Charge Description Punishment
Class A felony
If the defendant has previously been convicted of this or a similar crime Up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000
Class B felony
Not more than 10 years; presumptive term of 4 years for 2nd felony, 6 years for 3rd

Alaska law allows unlawful exploitation of a minor to be enforced as a statutory charge. This means that this charge can be applied to cases in which the victim is younger than the Alaska Age of Consent, even if the victim willingly engages in sexual relations with the defendant.

Unlawful exploitation of a minor is a charge that is unique to Alaska. Crimes that would be prosecuted as unlawful exploitation of a minor in Alaska will be prosecuted under a different statute depending on the state in which the crime takes place.

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