New Jersey Sexual Assault Laws

New Jersey has defined five crimes that are used to prosecute sexual assault and related crimes within the state. Statutory laws can be used to prosecute offences that are related to the victim being below the New Jersey Age of Consent, while non-statutory rape laws are often used to prosecute offences in which force or coercion was used by the assailant.

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Criminal Sexual Contact
New Jersey state law § 2C:14-3, Crime of 3rd degree; Crime of 4th degree
Endangering welfare of children STATUTORY
New Jersey state law § 2C:24-4, Crime of 2nd degree; Crime of 3rd degree; Crime of 4th degree
New Jersey state law § 2C:14-4, Crime of 4th degree; Disorderly persons offense
Observation of sexual contact; reproduction or disclosure of images of sexual contact
New Jersey state law § 2C:14-9, Crime of 3rd degree; Crime of 4th degree
Sexual Assault
New Jersey state law § 2C:14-2, Crime of 1st degree; Crime of 2nd degree

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