Incest- second degree - New York Sexual Assault Laws

In New York, the criminal charge of Incest- second degree is classified as a Class D felony.

Incest- second degree Crime & Punishment in New York :

The New York code § 255.26 defines one degrees of the crime incest- second degree, each with associated punishments. The degree of the crime depends on the specifics of the crime committed, with higher degrees of the charge generally receiving harsher punishments.

Severity Incest- second degree - Charge Description Punishment
Class D felony
A person is guilty of incest in the second degree when the offender commits any of the crimes of rape in the second degree or criminal sexual act in the second degree against a person known to be related to the offender, through marriage or not, as an ancestor, descendant, sibling (in whole or half-blood), uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece. A maximum of 7 years in jail

Incest- second degree defined in other states :

Incest- second degree is a charge in a total of one other state(s). The exact definition, charge type, and potential sentencing of this charge varying state to state. For further details please refer to the state page.

State Charge Type(s) Punishment(s)
Washington Class C felony Maximum of 5 years in prison, and/or a fine of $10,000

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