Sexual abuse- first degree - Iowa Sexual Assault Laws

In Iowa, the criminal charge of Sexual abuse- first degree is classified as a Class A felony.

Sexual abuse- first degree Crime & Punishment in Iowa :

The Iowa code § 709.2 defines one degrees of the crime sexual abuse- first degree, each with associated punishments. The degree of the crime depends on the specifics of the crime committed, with higher degrees of the charge generally receiving harsher punishments.

Severity Sexual abuse- first degree - Charge Description Punishment
Class A felony
If the offender causes another serious injury in the course of committing sexual abuse. Life in prison

Sexual abuse- first degree defined in other states :

Sexual abuse- first degree is a charge in a total of six other state(s). The exact definition, charge type, and potential sentencing of this charge varying state to state. For further details please refer to the state page.

State Charge Type(s) Punishment(s)
Alabama Class A misdemeanor; Class C felony Up to one (1) year and a fine up to $6,000.00; No less than one year and one day and no more than 10 years.
District of Columbia Class A felony Any term of years up to life; fine of up to $250,00
Kentucky Class C felony; Class D felony 5-10 years in prison; 1-5 years in prison
New York Class D felony A maximum of 7 years in jail
Oregon Class B felony Up to 10 years; $200,000 fine
West Virginia Felony 1-5 years in in a state correctional facility, and/or a maximum fine of $5,000

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